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    If you're looking for high quality and personal service when it comes to your security systems, you've come to the right place. We take your entire property into account, to make sure your security system is without blind spots.
    We have been in business for over 33 years and our alarm systems will keep you abreast of any hazards to your home.
    Whether it's a break in or a fire, our residential security systems will ensure you can get the backup you need to deal with the situation.
    We don't just handle security, our variety of audio and visual products can be put to use creating a home theater system for your home! For more information, contact us today!
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Our Services

Security cameras
Security Cameras

Ultimate Protection Systems, Inc offers the best options for security cameras in Cornelius, NC and the surrounding area. Keep on top of everything that happens on your property with cameras you can trust.

Sound system installation
Sound System Installation

A quality audio system that runs throughout the house can serve a variety of uses. From security, to surveillance, to communication, to entertainment, a good audio system can be a genuinely solid addition to any large home. We can provide quality sound system installation services on your property.

Home security system
Residential Security Systems

Your home is full of the most valuable items and people in your life; protecting it should be your top priority. With Ultimate Protection Systems, Inc and our residential security systems, you will have the expertise and equipment you need to ensure your home is always secured.

Commercial security
Commercial Security Systems

Make sure your investments are protected with security systems that guard your commercial property. We are here to give you everything you need to ensure you are in control of what goes in and comes out of your commercial property. For commercial security systems you can count on every time, contact us today!

Fire alarms
Fire Alarms

The most important security system is one that makes you aware of danger when it happens, and nothing is a better example of this than a fire alarm. We can install effective, reliable fire alarms in your home.

Hardware Replacements

Must replace smoke detectors every 10 years!

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